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The Old Times Skifflers.


Is a group of 5 men who play old times skiffle music. They play skiffle music and more and tell the audience what skiffle music is and where it comes from. All of that with a laugh, a gag and a joke.

Skiffle music has had a lot of influence on the modern popmusic. Their programm Skiffle and more….takes you back to the beginning of the beatmusic. Lots of modern musicians started as skiffle players.

The Beatles , former knowed as the Quarry Men,  started as a skiffle group.

Skiffle music was also influenced by Irish music,  folkmusic, blues and country. To know more about The Old Times Sklifflers, look at the website


If you want to book them for a concert, please look at the website at the page  contacts.


By telephone you can call (0031)6 29063505

The Old Times Skifflers

The Netherlands